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White Lies

If you belong to an ordinary Indian family where drinking two glasses of milk was sincerely imposed on you in your childhood, then this little piece of truth that you are going to read has two myths unfolding for you. First, milk is not the only thing that can give you the nutrients of this goddamn world. The second being…. Well, I will take the test of your patience for this one as it is relatively comprehensive, dreadful, and ruminating.

Human Beings are constantly looking for some validation to satisfy their inner conscience that what they do is right. Now, ‘Right’ can have different definitions. For the longest time, I thought being vegetarian was right. I gave myself more than enough credit for sticking to the perceived boring combination- veggies, fruits, and dairy. This is where things get gripping and deceptive. The ‘White Industry of Dairy’ is as dark as it can get.

The moment cows enter this barbaric world, they are nothing but means to satisfy the perpetual greed of businessmen. Their lives become an immaculate series of suffering. Absolutely no scope for relief.

These cows produce milk to nourish and provide for their offspring. But the moment a calf is born, they are separated. Not even the bare minimum is permitted for her very own. The agony that these helpless mothers face is only known to them. While these heartless workers extract milk, she yearns for her child. An average cow is good for nothing to them. Therefore, these cows are inseminated year after year to make them lactate.

The horns and tails of these cows are obstructions in this industry. These are removed without injecting any anesthesia. Unimaginable pain is the foundation of the everyday miseries that these lactating creatures go through.

If you think this is where the list ends, it is excruciatingly huge. The cows that need veterinary care are denied the same for months or, in the worst cases, never provided the same. This industry is primarily based on the credence of ‘Use and throw.’ Once the workers thinks that these cows need care, attention, and every other act of love that they are deprived of, they simply choose the path of slaughtering. Eliminate the creature instead of eliminating its pain. Too easy for them.

All of this happens while they live in the most deleterious shelters. These atrocities have successfully brought down the life span of a cow from twenty years to about four to five years. And you and I confidently infer that we love animals.

Now you must be wondering ” At least I am not killing any animal to provide for my hunger.” Most people inculcate the ‘Something is better than nothing' belief very conveniently.

There are layers of lies that this industry has knitted over countless years. We are systematically blindfolded by the common misconception that all of this is conventionally harmless.

This is your moment of awakening. Every moment that a cow spends in that hell, she is dying—day by day. Still, every dilemma that you have in your mind right now boils down to a choice you make—The choice of turning a blind eye to these acts of inhumanity or turning what you consume.


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