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Was It Real

I have this dream

I’m in this forest, as one usually is,

But its not an ordinary forest,

I mean sure, there are trees and leaves and breezes and that calm mayhem that forests always exude,

But this forest is more alive

The trees are listening to me

They’re listening to the things that humans don’t

They’re listening to the things that loved ones don’t

They’re listening when I stumble and no one notices, they’re listening when a drop of sunshine lands on me and I snort out that laugh that embarrasses me

But here’s the thing,

They don’t laugh at me, they laugh with me

I think, in my haziest of delusions, these trees and I are soulmates from a time long long forgotten

They weave their branches and roots into a path that I trust blindly

And I think,

I think maybe, just maybe

He trusts me too.


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