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What the Freak is Religion?

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Today, and hopefully never again, let's talk about something you don't want to talk about at your family dinner- Religion.

Every person has a different opinion on it and there is no strong evidence a person can put forward to prove its validity. Not a lot of people are aware of what they follow, it’s just something passed down generation to generation. When you think of it religion might have just started due to a mindless rumor.

Religion is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power. So people just believe there is someone superior, someone, who looks after them, someone who guides them. No one till date has been able to prove the existence of this magnanimous superior being, but this benevolent justice has inarguably been responsible for many of history’s wars, atrocities, and injustices. Even though, it’s the reason for most of the violence some researches show that believers may be healthier than non-believers. Religion can help us make sense of our confusing world, provide motivation, encourage altruism, and bind communities together. 

But have humans always believed in a supernatural force?

According to research in the University of California, Irvine psychologist Brett Mercier and his colleagues point out, there was once a time in the prehistory of our species when nobody believed in a god of any sort. Once upon a time, our ancestors at once were all atheist, but somewhere along the way, they found religion. So, let’s assume humans created Religion. 

Now the question is why? Why exactly did we have the need to believe in some supernatural force? Whenever something that cannot be explained happens we tend to blame it to god. Hence as we started evolving into homo sapiens, we started to require explanations and hence people started believing in something supernatural.

Moreover, I feel like we have different religions as people require and like different things. The reason why I am a Hindu and you are a Christian might just be that our ancestors didn’t vibe. 

Anyways,  these are just the thoughts of an 18-year-old teenage girl, what do I know about life, the universe, and everything? Anyway, doesn't everything just start off as a rumour?

Written by Harsha Parpia


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