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Watchtower Man

Watchtower man climbed there. 

Over steeple and town hall he'd stand and stare

Why and how weren’t open-ended anymore 

Cause he could see across the sea and shore

He's within the clouds when the rains come  

But he can't see how green the fields become  

He knows why the men pray to the skies 

But he's never felt their smiles, their cries. 

His abandoned farm had gone dry

But its ruin was a star in the milky sky.

Take a few more steps away and it won’t be seen

The complex detailing falls to a smooth plane of green.

If he looked hard he could see others

In towers of their own, his lonely brothers.

He didn't need to see their eyes

To know they saw the folly of their highest prize.

Keifer Lobo


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