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The Power Of Assumptions

Ever had the temptation to multiply all your mathematical equations with 0 and end the solution? We all have at some point. I believed math was the most ridiculous subject in the world because it was completely based on estimations. “Who on planet Earth is required to buy 200 watermelons and 500 oranges at once?”, I thought. Then I had to begin studying physics and now I study economics. So it’s fair to say, I’d wrongly assumed the significance of assumptions.

Any theory, and by extension any paradigm, revolves around assumptions. It's crucial to be explicit with assumptions and to make enough of them to adequately describe the situation at hand. Assumptions are considerably more important when using research techniques to test hypotheses. Assumptions; generally cryptic, narrow, obvious, and derogatory are apparently the wheels of the cycle we call “life.”

However, more often than not, assumptions seem like reiterated versions of vividly apparent conditions. But why?

If not stated clearly, a researcher's presumptions are similar to family secrets that may initially seem innocent but eventually tear a family apart. Why are implicit or unspoken assumptions problematic for a study might be a better query. The response to that is that they may influence the researcher's actions and result in inaccurate findings. Generations of study findings may be tarnished if the results are publicized and other researchers do not catch the errors. And when policy choices are made based on false findings, calamity strikes, but nobody knows (or remembers) why.

Lastly, it would be disgraceful of me to end my profound findings on the reasons behind the monotony of the basis of human existence without stating the following assumptions:

  1. The consumer of this article is a rational person.

  2. The article is consumed instantaneously without pauses or distractions.

  3. The consumer is open to the diversification of thought.

  4. The consumer is unopposed to knowledge rectification.


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