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Teletubbies: The Tubby Chaos

(Meet the tubbies of joy before you step into their universe, give it a try now, don't be shy.)

“The sun’s setting in the sky

Teletubbies say goodbye.”

The Sun Baby set with a giggle, and the Teletubbies all rushed to bed.

Something sketchy was brewing in Teletubby land the next day; a crucial entity seemed aloof.

The Tubbytronic Superdome was covered in a blanket of absolute darkness; the Voice Trumpets popped out of the garden grounds and woke the Teletubbies.

“Time to wake up, Tubbies.”

“It’s time for Tubby Toast.”

Po was the first to rush out of bed only to be blinded by darkness; he let out a loud wail. Tinky Winky, Laa Laa and Dipsy bumped their antennas that eventually tangled together, and all three ended up twirling in a hurricane-like circle. Chaos had manifested itself in their midst. Noo-Noo, the anthropomorphic blue vacuum cleaner, bumped into at least five edges of the Tubbytronic Superdome.

What happened to the Sun Baby?

Noo handed the Teletubbies their Tubby Torches. Tinky Winky put on his favourite cowboy hat, Po, his detective hat, Dipsy his barrette. Unfortunately, Laa Laa couldn’t put on a hat because his antenna hurt from the fiasco earlier.

Uh – oh!

The Voice Trumpets looked around, gliding away from one ground to another, searching for the light in Teletubby land. Darkness scared Po the most, but his affection for the Sun Baby kept him going. All the birds and rabbits scavenged around the land in silence. Everyone in Tubby land would give anything to hear that legendary giggle and see that brightening grin again.

“Where did the Sun Baby disappear?”

“Time has flown by, Teletubbies, it is almost bedtime and you haven’t eaten a morsel.”

“Po, stop looking, you need to get back to the Superdome.”

There was no Tubby morning dance that day. The land was void of all its usual natural joy. Just when all seemed lost, and all the tubbies had reluctantly had their Tubby Toast, the Tubby Phone rang.

Tring tring tring…

Before anyone could grasp what was happening, the call ended.

Where was the Sun Baby?

“Tim, what have you done?”

“What HAVE I done?”

“You babbling baboon, you forgot to add in the Sun Baby for the new episode! We’ve had about five hundred calls from parents this morning about there being nothing but an episode of a dark Teletubby Superdome. Nothing of the episode was visible to the children.”

“Oh god! Tim Jr. must be having a fit at home then; my wife is going to make me pay for this.”

“Not just your wife Tim, wait till I get your hand tattooed with the Sun Baby. You will never make such an error again. You fool.”

“Uh – Oh!”


That is how the first iconic and controversial Teletubbies in the dark was made, yes, first. There were three more down the line, and Tim has now all four Teletubbies and the Sun Baby tattooed all over his hands.


“The sun’s setting in the sky

Readers say goodbye.”


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