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Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Disclaimer: Neither am I going through an existential crisis nor am I the talk of the town. These are some of my humane yet indigestible realizations on rumors.


If you’ve been paying attention, the primary function of a rumor is to make sense of something that’s already unclear.

Realisation 1: It can never make sense

But truly, you can never know what a person thinks of you.

Realisation 2: That shouldn’t matter

Let’s say that something happened, Before you know it, everyone is talking about it. Nobody knows what actually happened and the best part is that they don’t even want to know. Rumors are just cherry picked parts of a huge conversation molded conveniently according to personal motives.

Realisation 3: You can never explain yourself enough.Because no matter what you do, rumors are sold. They are sold high enough to beat your emotions.

If you have noticed the rumors are majorly about how salty things are explained with a buttercream frosting. However, the truth always manages to stay under the cover.

Factually speaking, it is proven that “It took the truth about six times as long as the falsehood to reach 1,500 people”

Realisation 4: So no matter how honest you are, your honesty will be like a sloth racing with leopards.

More than food for thoughts, it’s gossips that people live off. Rumors are nothing but contagious diseases but at the same time, they are uncontrollable drugs which people can’t do without. The content of rumors varies from unsophisticated gossip to aggressive marketing material. And not to mention the fact that the so-called ‘talk of the town’ spreads like fire. Wildfire.

Realisation 5: You cannot stop the wildfire.

Apart from all this, the blame game never ends. Nobody accepts it but everyone has done/said things that they shouldn’t have. This is how it spreads. And it doesn’t just spread alone, it spreads with all the additional drama and opinions that aren’t even wanted.

There is no origin of gossips. No matter how hard you try to solve the Impossible Gossip Algorithms. The solution is not real and hence the limit does not exist 

Riya Jetly


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