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Shayari- My Saviour

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Hi guys ,after the serious tone I took last week with my article titled THE EVER HOT BARREL last week ,I felt like it was time to keep it mellow this time around. So ,I present to you the solution to not all but some of your problems through the first edition of “Shayari My Savior”. The first question that just popped into most of your minds was, shayari really?

Didn't that go extinct like a bazillion years go. Well not really at least not to me and the only sure shot way to find out is to try out the solution provided by me. I know I sound like a promoter ,well obviously who doesn't want people to read their piece anyway moving on.

Today,I am going to provide you with a number of shayaris written by yours truly to help you get of a jam with your better half or whenever you are going through the cringe break up phase and don't know how to express yourself.

Here it goes-

1-When she asks you, How do I look in this dress and you fail to answer for all of 3 seconds and she throws a fit.


Teri yeh zulfein,yeh muskaan,yeh aankhen mujhe kuch aisa deewana bana deti hain, ki main hosh toh khota hi hoon par yeh saath hi saath neende bhi uda deti hain.

2)When you forget your relationship anniversary,her birthday,valentines day or some other occasion and you need to set the scene to stop her or him from realising you arranged all of this last minute or like some of us forgot about it all together,by the way this works both ways.


Is jahaan ne kiya kya azeez intezaam , ki suraj aur chaand bhi lagne lage ek samaan , yeh joh mehfil jammi hain aaj ,  iska majah lene do hame , is lameh main ab zara jee lene do hame jee lene do hame.

3)When she asks you , why you like her?


Lakere toh humari kuch khaas nahi ,  yeh tha lagta hame hamesha se , lakere toh humari kuch khaas nahi lagta tha hume yeh hamesha se par jabse aayi ho tum zindagi main , na jaane kyon kismat pe guroor aa gaya tumse phirse mulaakaat karne ka suroor aa gaya.

4)When she is just having a bad day and you want to cheer her up.


Dekha tha kya maine ek chaand ka tukda ya koi haseen apsara , yeh toh mujhe maaloom na tha par jabse dekha tumhe phirse ae haseena , na jaane kyon , mujhe woh pal yaad aa gaya , tumhara mukhtaar banne ka mujhe khwaab aa gaya.

5)When your friend says “it's a good thing you broke up with her” but you are just too deep down the break up spiral to realize that and you want to shut him up.


Bewafa hain Yeh jahaan,bewafa yeh samaan,saath dega na koi , pata mujhe yeh chal gaya,zindagi ka fareb saar mere dimaag main bas gaya.(fareb means fraudulent)

Well that's all for now.Hope you guys liked it.

Abhiraj Aggarwal


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