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Just a Crack

I came across the lake one night.

I don't remember exactly where I was before

But It was beautiful a sliver of black water

In between pine cone trees and a moonlit sky.

Frozen, from cold winds and awe

I strayed closer to the soundless water.

With only crunching snow 

To declare my attraction for its shore

But something wasn't right. 

The surface was too calm the moon too bright

Too sure of itself. So refined and well defined.

I stayed, to watch myself on its surface. 

Take a closer look,

At the perfect image painted on the water

Bending down I reached out

to disturb the surface

but Something in the air begged me 

Not to touch the dark water 

But only a finger would do. So I brushed away fair warning

To see Just a ripple across clear water. 

Then I’d leave, satisfied 

That an ordinary lake was all I could find.

But by the time my hand reached the surface

My palm felt only impenetrable ice. 

In faultless clarity, my reflection was frozen 

Pressed between sheets clearer and darker 

Than any, I could have imagined.  

With eyes closed, I could never see

a reflection of myself so clear. So clean.

I could manage a foggy outline at best for a fleeting second.

Never as clear as the one the lake could see.

Forget the ripple. A crack would do. 

If I could just see a single tiny hairline appear in the crystal it would be enough. 

Not just my palm anymore.

I was On my knees, my whole self was dedicated.

Fists flew against the cold unwavering sheet of the lake 

Again, Again, And Again in fury. 

But. All I could see was myself smiling.

The image’s composure didn't waver,

But it should have because by now.

I was fearful, cold and shivering.

The confidence of the reflection was Still smiling, however.

Self-assured and standing tall.

I stopped. I had lost. 

That was when the reflection shivered.

It started looking worried 

The disgusting, serene smile quivered. 

It Started beating its fists from below the surface 

For the first time, I smiled. 

Then I smiled some more. I smiled for days. For months and years, I smiled

For I was underneath the surface now. 

The bloody fists had long since stopped

Wandered away and gotten lost.

I would never lose my way from underneath

the icy reflection of her glimmering moonlit eyes.

Keifer Lobo


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