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It’s Not Them - It’s Us

The earth. Our blue and brown ball of dirt spins obediently on its little axis. An axis commanded into existence by the thought of man, such that the great-ball-of-fire flies from a little land called the east to another town called west through the great blue sky in order for time to progress. This is very important function of this great ball of fire because it is what makes sure that the big hand and little hand are marching to the beat of the cosmos and telling all the little pieces of flesh when to get up, go to work, get married, make families, build industries, destroy civilizations and know how long they can last in bed. Can you see how time, the greatest creation of mankind is also just a figment of our insanity?

Now there is this way that I like to think of insanity that I think is quite amusing because it makes all the king’s horses and all the king’s men seem equally ridiculous whether or not they’re trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Inanity is a condition wherein one operates under an assumption, which on a general note is considered fundamentally wrong. However, if that assumption is taken to be correct then the following sequence of actions taken by the ‘insane’ individual is very peculiarly logical. Huh.

Take one a depiction of insanity through Shakespeare’s character Hamlet.

“Hamlet: “For if the sun breed maggots in a dead dog, being a good kissing carrion –”

Hamlet’s train of thought seems to flow like this: if the sun, which is good and bright, is capable of breeding maggots in a dead dog and producing an evil carcass like this, then indeed all things under the sun may have been corrupted by it’s evil. A seemingly obvious fallacy in sanity, yet it bears a certain resemblance to a logical manner of thought. Hamlet assumes that one cause can produce the same effect among multiple subjects and is still deemed to be going progressively insane through the scenes of the play.

And then we have human beings who make assumptions like the existence of time, justice and definite answers of right and wrong. Our arrogance of assumption extending to the official claim of ups and downs and lefts and rights. We build our civilisations from dirt blood and sweat, through the struggles of wars and famines. We set up constitutions and courts with elected men armed with gowns and gavels to fill our morgues and over-crowd our prisons to uphold this rulebook, our manual for sanity and compliance. We assume roles and hold pride in make-believe positions, addressed with ridiculous titles like Mr. and Mrs., Dr. and Majors and yet we have the audacity to define someone else’s insanity?

The only way for society to function, not function well or poorly mind you but just simply function, is under this blanket of insanity. The entirety of the progress, growth, and functionality of the world is based on it. We are required to hold some fundamental assumptions in place for the world to continue. Some basic commonalities of right, wrong, justice, time, morality and all things for which we can’t really find a rooted answer. For if the world were to descend into chaos, and all societal assumptions were abandoned, then maybe some raw sanity might come to light.

Maybe it isn't them, it's us.

Keifer Lobo


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