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Isn't it lovely?

Dear Felicity,

Isn't it lovely to know that there is always someone by your side you can fall back on? Someone who will always catch you when you fall, someone who will make you laugh after an exhausting day and someone who will make you hot chocolate when you're sad.

Isn't it lovely how when you wake up from a terrible nightmare, you have someone sleeping next to you who will know how to calm you down, who will kiss your forehead and tell you that it was just a dream and none of it was real even though your brain made you believe that it was. Who will wrap their arms around you and tell you that you are home and you are safe and nothing can hurt you now. The warmth of their body will start to clam down your racing heart and rapid breathing. Their embrace will feel like a blanket of love which reassures you that you are protected and at home. The floating trees and the sadist lunatic man from the dream, following you with a harp in his hand will start to fade away, and you will see the colors on the shirt that they are wearing. The printed colorful flowers will give you hope, hope that there are other things in the world, prettier and saner than your dreams, and that the world is much more beautiful than people believe it to be. Unlike the way the man with the harp made you feel, the way they will lightly caress your hair will make you feel loved, and safe, and happy. Their soft comforting voice will put your mind at ease and their heartbeat will take up the role of a lullaby which finally makes you fall into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Isn't it lovely to have someone who will do all these things and give you unconditional love? You were that person for me Felicity. We were that couple who everyone was jealous of. And why wouldn't they be? They never had a love as we did, which was strong and fierce but calming and soothing at the same time, which always lit a spark between us but also knew how to extinguish a fire. People would come to us and ask, 'you guys still together?' and until a couple months ago when we decided to take a pause, our answer was always yes. We lived the typical cliché of falling in love with our best friends and being in a relationship with our high school sweethearts for the entirety of our college lives as well.

Where did it all go wrong? Why did we decide to take a step backwards and be just friends for a while? It is 3am in the night and all I can think about is how small those problems seem now in front of the love we had for each other. Will you be willing to give our relationship another try? To try and fix all the miscommunications and gaps we had and start over? To again be that someone for each other?

Wouldn't it be lovely to be together again?




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