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I am scared. I am hopeful. I am ready.

The building looks bigger somehow. The name on it called out to me. I’m starting something new here. This is different. Bigger. I can’t breathe.

What is college? What was it about my school experience that has led me here? What has transported me from one building full of hundreds of morally grey kids to another building full of equal potential? When did I grow up? When did home become a 5000-rupee flight ticket to rescue? To peace?

I’m seeing so much more now. I see people my age doing so much more now. I see talents that I’d never seen before, quirks I’d never met before, and emotions I’d never experienced before. I found a home in this enigma of madness and chaos. I found a small nook for me in this jungle of personalities. I found sensation.

The new year brought with it festivals of different cultures. I looked forward, not to sleep, but to challenges. I looked forward to seeing the Rangoli uncle, who somehow found what I needed in his miracle shop. I saw the juice center and its priceless menu with comfort and joy. I saw our canteen, ridiculously hidden in the college basement parking, because where else would it be? This place that was so foreign only a few weeks ago is now putting a smile on my face.

Conoscenza, Cult Nights, Sympulse, and so much more. It’ll all be here in a matter of months. I should be overwhelmed. Maybe I am. But for now, I can’t wait to discover myself.


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