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Funding Fornication – The Business of Old School Entertainment

When someone says the words ‘adult entertainment’ or wants to dwell into a conversation about sexual appetites, the general reaction to such a topic is along the lines of wide eyes and indignant gasps because of the social stigma surrounding the subject. The economic scale at which this trade exists (the industry being valued globally at around 100 billion dollars) and the degree of innovation it fosters is incomprehensible mainly because of the lack of importance placed on it. Porn may be stigmatized and socially unacceptable – even as a topic of conversation – in most cultures, but the nature of secrecy is what drives the bulk of the industry.

The biggest aspect of adult entertainment that aids its success is the socio-cultural barrier existing concerning adult entertainment's reputation. The secrecy of the act is what helps an average adult entertainment website make around 6-8 million dollars a year; it drives the usage, as well as the large base of people resorting to adult entertainment. The gap between social acceptance and the economic value of adult entertainment, however, will always remain large - there are articles, movements, websites, and organizations dedicated to stopping the ‘addiction' of adult entertainment which reportedly breaks normal, healthy relationships acceptable to society. Adult Entertainment, however, is an open and accepting platform which doesn't discriminate between people of different genders and sexual orientations, contributing to an ultimately booming industry. It is a prime example of how acceptance and usage of a very diverse base of customers can help your business.

The relationship between adult entertainment and innovation in economies is the reason for its high revenues and the largely unknown role it plays in driving for technological change. It all boils down to the fundamentals of free capitalism – the most demanded goods and the satisfaction of that demand results in and drives innovation and creativity. Economic theory is therefore supported by real market conditions; most technological innovations and the newest advancements in those areas are reflected first in the adult entertainment industry, whether it be Virtual Reality (VR) or some of the best credit payment systems available online being in adult entertainment websites. The size of the industry, the scope of creativity in it and the large profit incentives driving the companies all contribute to how economically dominant adult entertainment is. It is a way for innovations to be tested in real markets, a way for the world to benefit from this common pedestal that reflects exactly what a consumer wants.

It is important to understand and accept the economic role companies of the adult entertainment industry play in all corporate aspects – they strive for profit maximization, constantly innovate and introduce new technological factors to the industry and break social barriers. As a result, they make revenue from every community in society. The adult entertainment business acts as an indicator of economic health and a measurer of the impact of various newer technological contributions to the economy. Cultural tides (like the rise of Anime), technological booms (the introduction of holographic images) and large economic changes (introduction of Jio by Reliance which made low-cost data available) are all reflected in this industry. Companies and economies as a whole need to realize the commercial implications of adult entertainment and use the large base to learn more about current innovations, fiscal trends and modern creations – it is one of the most purely capitalistic industries existing to this day, ironically also the most socially stigmatized.


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