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Freedom of Speech

“At the stroke of midnight, when the world sleeps, India will awake to its freedom.”

I have been hearing this ceremonial speech for so many years, but I am still waiting for 1947.

Welcome to the free world. The world where you get something for free only when you buy something else before. (skipping directly to the topic). Now for all the outspoken people, you get free speech only when you agree to buy the bullshit sold by the Party in the majority.

Hello Mr. Prime Minister. Me here. People say you have made a lot of promises, I am sorry I didn’t keep a count of those, but I think it is your fault that you made a lot of them. People also say you have lied a lot, I am sorry I didn’t keep a count of those, but I again think it is your fault for you made a lot of them.

But before you, and all the ones before you, a constitution was drafted which promised us five basic rights. I had mugged them up for my 4th standard examination, I had given each finger of my left hand a right. To my thumb, I gave the right to life, to the index finger I gave equality, to the middle finger a fair trial, to the ring finger freedom from slavery and torture, and to my little finger, freedom of thought and expression. 5 years ago I lost my little finger and I miss it. Hence I would like you to call me Viklang (disabled), or as you like to call us under your nomenclature, Divyang. I am okay with either of the names. Anyway, who am I to choose or say? I've never been a Shah or Ambani.

Dear Mister Prime Minister, could you return my little finger to me? I know these rights were offered to us by your opposition, but you seem to be rejecting and then bringing their proposals back with increased rates. Can you give me my finger back after charging me a higher rate or something?

You are a strong man, I don’t understand why you want my little finger. All that I used it for was to make a silent indication to use the loo anyway. I guess that’s an expression you don’t like, along with any expression against your government.

Expression in our county is limited to acceptance of suppression. All we can do is talk in the tune presented to us and if questions are asked then cases are filed. You are invited to be the guests of the five-star services of the Central Jail of India (how lucrative) and if you manage to keep yourself from court or jail, you will be bestowed with a generous reception of artistically violent and obscene messages.

The C.M of U.P, a person who respects all religion (a mastermind of the anti-Romeo squad which protects helpless Hindu girls from being trapped by vicious Muslim men, the astute members of a violent group which has been coined by a fashionable name “Love Jihad” where they aim to expand the population of Muslim in India), a person whose love for dietary products knows no bound (his love for it is so intense that it extends towards providing support to the Gau rakshak, a cult of honorable men who wish to protect cows at the cost of collateral damage to Muslim, Dalit people and at times policemen), a man who stands at the altar of humanity and condones violence of any form (But his hatred towards criminals is so immense that an entire row of encounters has taken place in the state, killing several apparently deadly men. These apparently dangerous men mostly consist of thieves or loan defaulters. The vision of the C.M. is to stop these men from committing more heinous crimes, but a pattern emerges showing us that most of them happen to be Muslim.)

ABP News, discovered a lie shared by P.M. on his Mann Ki Baat (This show certainly proved that any Mann Ki Baat is better off left in our minds) when a village lady claimed that her income has increased by 4 times because of the efforts made by our Prime Minister. But, when the reporters went to that particular village and asked her again about her income, she confessed that she was forced to lie about the increase. When this story aired, it was challenged by BJP ministers and the Government. This row went on for a while and soon the prime time of the channel was suffering frequent blackouts on various cable operators as a result the anchor of the prime time resigned.

As the matter goes, it is a known fact that the Information and Broadcast Ministry has employed two hundred employees to check into the operations of every medium of information circulation. If they find any organization, going against the principles of the government they send a directive warning them and an entire note of instruction. Every media house today is scared of going against the ruling power as they fear the repercussions of it. BJP has stopped sending their representatives to NDTV, as they ask the right questions. New terminology has been developed for those who think in the right and democratic lines 'urban Naxals’.

Today if you project your opinion, you can be banned (like more than 8 movies from the International Film Festival of India were banned for being anti-national) , you can be trolled (let's keep it as “all that are not BJP supporters”), you can be killed (Gauri Lankesh, does that strike any bell) you can be sacked from your job (so stop searching for Govt. jobs, if you cannot keep you ‘mouth shut’(in this case figuratively ), they no more provide security even if you are the director of the Crime Bureau of Investigation.

This is on how efforts are made to shut the voices of the ones who know what to speak. Discrimination exists for sure. If you want to know whether you have been discriminated against or not then search for the little finger. If you still have it, sorry the entire article is a typographical error and I believe the series of these errors will continue for the length of the article, it is not worth your time you can stop. But again, there is a place where no discrimination took place. Yeah, they finally did something right. We all have been unjustly treated, They have cut the little finger of some, but have chopped the head of all.

There is a lot of information that has been kept privy, despite their right to be on the public forums. This has been done by overshadowing them with bulky overloaded, not needed information. For instance, misleading information, like how 2000 notes have GPS in them, etc, etc. And by exaggeration of some news, example: China on Doklam region being covered 24x7 for a long long time, every other day Kim Jong might kill you, then the following day Pakistan is bad, then the next day China’s Armed force going through a crisis this goes on and on and on.

Media is bought, (accept it please) for we all know, everything on this planet is owned by someone or the other. These media houses are not owned by people like you and me (I am taking the liberty to assume that a media house owner is not reading it, and if he/she is reading this a then ”HI, I need a job, I wasn’t paid to write any of this, will surely like to earn. I am willing to write whatever you ask me too. Of course, Modi is Great.”) They are owned by ones who have a lot of money and many other businesses, and every big businessman has a political friend, who provides him with money he has saved by not giving tax. (Now in case you don’t know a parliamentary bill was passed that could filter black money and make it legitimate political funding money). And these political friends they are from some party or the other so indirectly these political friends make their business friends telecast the news that favors them (If you still don’t understand, check Zee News, it is owned by Subhas Chandra he is now a member of Rajya Sabha, coincidently was appointed to be a Rajya Sabha member after 2014).

So, whatever you see on television is decided by a politician. Accept it, you don’t make opinions. You are given one.

You are allowed to know that the farmers are earning ten times than earlier, not, that these farmers walked miles to protest against the government. You are told time and again the bullet train is coming right at your doorstep, but no one is willing to inform that the plan is being delayed, time and again because the very politicians who sing the ballad of it, has made it difficult for the IRCTC to acquire the line, just to rig and inflate the price of the land. New senseless information is created to fill you with a hollow sense of patriotism and pride by showcasing a long list of military achievements of the past, but when these military men question the quality of food served to them via twitter they are laid off. The attention is diverted by creating controversies where charge sheets are filed against students after 2 years of false accusations.

This is not limited to Television, Films, or Newspapers. Social Media is playing a major part now, communal messages have become innumerable, an entire network has been established of people who are very likely to buy all the communal hatred without question. All such men are being given a common goal, a religious or communal goal. The identity of every person is being narrowed down to some common ground then it's being used as a weapon, a series of messages are created to play with emotional sentiments and hence, to incite violence.

The opinion is also being curbed at the Radio. For decades All India Radio, a radio channel, held the premium rights for broadcasting and covering news. Private players were never given the license to broadcast any news. Recently the rule has changed the Private Players will be allowed to Provide news, but then they cannot go about doing their coverage, they also don’t have the liberty to repackage the news all they can do is replay the news that has already been broadcasted by All India Radio( now as established earlier everything is owned by someone or the other, AIR happens to be owned by Govt. and we all know that Govt. is expert in doing Mann ki Baat and I hope someday some Divine entity will infuse some logic in this ‘Mann’).

Textbooks, the first thing that any govt. beliefs in meddling with. They have been used time and again to mold your thoughts at a young age... An example of it could be seen in a chapter from the Hindi book of 3rd standard of Rajasthan with the title “Ajmer ki Sair” It is a story of two boys, Gurmeet and Razzak, sightseeing in the city of Ajmer and seeing the festival of Urs and visiting the memorial to the Rajput king Prithviraj Chauhan. In 2016, the state introduced new textbooks for all classes, most of the story remained the same, except they changed the name to “Ajmer ki Yatra” and the urs was no longer described in detail, and Prithviraj Chauhan is called the king “who defeated Bharat’s invader, Mohammad Ghori several times” and spills over into the Hindu pilgrimage town of Pushkar, where Razzak shows Gurmeet the “world-famous” Brahma temple and the Panch Kund or five reservoirs “that the five Pandavas had built”- referring to the great Mahabharata. Now, why is this a problem you ask? Since this was the one chapter that positively represented the Muslim community. This is one instance in the larger trend of textbook revisions made under the BJP, there are multiple instances of the BJP trying to manipulate young minds by glorifying government initiatives, reinforcing the majoritarian Hinduism and erasing the minorities by including Vedic maths and explaining science through stories of Indian mythology. Though, I must say it's a very smart move, if a person doesn't learn about it, how can he question it.

Well not a single medium, has been spared from changing our vision and making it more right-wing in these last 5 years. We have been deprived of our right to speech which against the popular opinion again created by the high ranked politician, is limitless and to top it all our opinions is at their mercy. The opinion is more important than speech as it is what frames it and if these new Lords, the newly crowned princes of our so-called Democracy can create opinions that are not only questionable but also against the lines humanity, beware who knows tomorrow the international media might begin calling us terrorist whereas we will keep ourselves in bubbles of Denial by calling ourselves the chosen “Bhakts”.

Written by Umang


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