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Take that, Trump: An ex-president’s fall from grace

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Multiple incidents favoring Donald Trump have taken place in the last few weeks of his presidency – not only has the man incited one of the largest riots on the Capitol in American history, but will also evade a well-deserved impeachment for the second time. At Least with Richard Nixon, the impeachment had caused his step down from the presidency. With Trump, we didn’t even have the satisfaction of seeing him go with his head hung low, although he did throw a very unconvincing temper tantrum when leaving office. Ironically enough, he was even nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize this last week.

Despite all this, however, Trump has taken a big hit. Not only is his large conglomerate crumbling under debts and lawsuits, but his ratings also have never been worse. In fact, Biden’s presidency has seen higher ratings on his very first day than Trump has for all 4 years of his presidency.

Another very satisfying development was that Trump has officially been banned from Twitter and Facebook along with multiple small social media platforms after the Capitol riot, with his large following taking a massive hit due to the same. Experts have cited that both platforms don’t intend to remove these bans anytime soon, even though their stocks took big momentary hits due to the same. Speaking of bans, Biden’s first day was spent just in removing all the bans Trump’s administration placed on multiple facets, undoing his complete ‘legacy’ - including the ban preventing transgenders from enlisting in the US army, on Muslims traveling to the US, on American investments into Xiaomi (the billion-dollar Chinese tech conglomerate), and, most importantly for Indians, the ban placed on work permits for H-1B visa holders’ spouses. If that’s not a first day well spent, I don’t know what is.

The last week has also seen multiple members of the Trump administration jump the sinking ship, including his former secretary of state withdrawing support, his cabinet distancing themselves from him, more than half (yes, more than half ladies and gentlemen) of his team of lawyers - including top lawyers Trump was leaning on for his upcoming impeachment trial - quitting his side, and even several Fox News reporters, known for their die-hard support of Trump, abandoning him. In case you’re wondering, this is the same Fox News that called the Ukraine investigation and second impeachment into Donald Trump ‘unsexy’, ‘just not flashy’, and ‘nothing interesting about it’. Trump supporters stormed the capitol on January 6th looking for blood, which had incited all this - and now, it’s backfired heavily. Not only is Trump possibly going to prison for the incitement of the riots, but most of his supporters from the riot are also already there to greet him - more than 150 arrests have been made in connection with the riots, including Federal investigations launched into the sources of funding of the riot, with one well-known far-right Trump supporter already in the media’s eyes for her almost $ 500,000 donation for the same.

The riot was the emphatic last straw - Trump’s ratings have never been lower, ever, and as Trump stepped down as president, he stepped into a company in dire financial crisis, with many states (New York being the most prominent) cutting all financial ties with the Trump Organization. Year on year revenue has dropped by 40% in all Trump companies, and suffice to say, Trump is paying big time for his disastrous 4 years in office - take that, Donald J. Trump!


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