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The Other Woman

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

You once looked at me and made me believe that home is where the heart is. I left pieces of mine under your carpet, waiting for the day you’d find them and come back to me. I long for that day, but it doesn’t come, so I come to you. I open the door to your house and I see her, sitting in my chair, sipping whiskey out of a glass I’d bought.

I wonder if she knows I sat in her position not long ago. I watch her, fists clenched, lips pursed, nails digging into my skin every time she laughs. I’m in half a mind to call out to you and ask why you had done this, but her smile is contagious and it almost reminds me of who I was, almost. I take one last look at your new marble floors and know that you’ve made your decision.

Some days I wish I had kissed you under that perfect sky, uncaring of how it would have marred our friendship, but I didn’t. So instead I sit alone and think to myself, how could one not fall in love with her- her long hair, her lingering scent, her lips like a goddess, and hips like a Kardashian. She levitates across the room and the slightest brush against her leaves your skin feeling tingly, even I fell in love with her, how could you not?

I’ve had enough, so I pick myself up and head back to your house. She’s rearranged everything, but I kind of like it. Your introduction of her is brief and somewhat confusing, it feels like she’s wrapped around your finger, just like me and so many others before her. You have a way with us, making us believe you were always done wrong and we were there to fix it, but this time I know. This time I will save myself the misery, and perhaps I’ll save her as well.

Look at you. I love your anger. The way you look at us when we’re talking, a light flirtatious smirk playing on my lips. The fear of losing your puppet chokes the reason out of you, quickly replacing it with seething rage. Slowly, but surely, she would see just how foolish she really was to love you the way she did. You see a relationship crumbling, and there’s nothing you can do but watch as I burn it all to the ground.

It slowly unearths your desperation. Through your attempts to separate us, you only confound a fear in her heart. She thinks your envy stems from losing her, when in fact it only lies in losing someone to fall at your feet and call you daddy. One day, you’ll go too far and she’ll be hurt beyond repair. You’ve felt everything I have, so when she finally realises what you are and leaves; come over.


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