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The Delusional feminist

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Written by Aadithyaa

Jerry - Hey, Hi Beth, Oh, Ok Cool, I love you too. Bye. Drive safe!

Rick - Who was it?

Jerry - Your daughter, she is going to some women empowerment session.

Rick - And she is driving?!

Jerry - So what?

Rick - She is a woman, she can't drive.

Jerry - What the hell?! That’s pretty sexist.

Rick - Accept it, these women (burps), feminism (burps) it's all bullshit. They are just good for one thing.

Jerry - What's that?

Rick - (sighs) You are really dumb Jerry. You are really dumb! Just like your family. Imagine a world where, women are women and are not crying for equality everywhere they go.

Jerry - You know what I guess you are right. Women are actually incapable human beings, if they are even human beings at first place, if you think about it carefully. You are right, they are really just meant for one thing and that's to help men - like us. We should just make babies using them when we are free. We should just use them for everything. You just opened my eyes. You are a genius. A woman's hand must hurt not signing cheques but massaging my head. And that's a life I want. Women being women and not crying for equality everywhere they go. Wow ! I am pretty sure if there was some feminist around, He/She would say, Hey , "Woman are equals, don't you have a mother or sister", And I would have picked up a shoe and hit them on the face. Just then and there, the dreams of women being equal to us will drown down with the sweat of their failure. Rick - Wow, that was quick turnaround. You really are sexist as I expected, Surely not a good influence on my grandchildren. You are dumb Jerry,  Even that mouse in that TV show was smarter than you. Jerry - You are the one who started, You are the one who is sexist. Rick - I am a mad scientist, Jerry. So, I am allowed to be sexist, plus I was testing you,  It was for a research, You failed Jerry, You failed. Even your unplanned children are smarter than you, And you know why you are dumb because you had unplanned children in the first place (burps) You believe anyone and everyone, stand for you own views someday and not for others. Every feminist man is a sexist inside, great going human society, (burps) whatever story you told now , is the version of the story you believe in, and guess what it's wrong. It's people like you who push me to being a straight up sexist, rather than a sexist, objectifying, narcissistic man dressed up like a modern, liberal, feminist man pretending the world to be equal for genders. (burps) Thanks Jerry, you are a genius! Just like all the Men here :)


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