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That Goa Trip

Written by Aadithyaa

Hi! I am a running a bit late but I can surely afford to talk to you. I am making way through this shitty, irritating Delhi traffic to the Indira Gandhi Airport. As you can imagine, the traffic is full of horns and yes, the typical Delhi abuses. I walk through the security where every security personnel judges my every move and suspects me to be a terrorist with the corner of their eye. All done, finally, I am making my way to the plane. While I walk past the beautifully lit shops, I have a thought in my head that  the airport is a fully silent one but the traffic a fully abusive one. Funny, Isn’t it? Two completely different scenarios just five minutes away from each other. I enter the plane to see an empty business class. Why? It’s Christmas day and I guess at least someone will have a peaceful day off. I see a baby boy on the side, screaming for attention, so that his mother can lift him and give him a small ride. I realized the coolness of the plane had calmed my senses and yes, there was this typical Indian uncle who announced the news of the tumbling Sensex. Also, I saw this young group of students in flowery clothes. First Goa trip, I guessed. Ah, the excitement they must be having right now. I don’t know how to define this generation, it’s bizarre, smart, path-breaking and semi-mature. I would say this generation is just a weird bunch of all the crazy things one could imagine. While stuffing my luggage in the upper cabin, I saw her by my side. Looking pretty as every other girl one would expect by the beachside. I comforted myself on the stinky seat after the struggle for space in the upper cabin with the Sensex uncle. I sat there and realized “While others unbuttoned their shirts while passing by, So did I … Just to put it back together using the corporate cloth I was trained to call a 'tie'. While others unpacked their bags to confess their earlier Goa experiences. I opened my Mac to continue to justify the corporate definition of my success”. 


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