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Somebody That I Used To Know

Updated: Jun 12

I still remember the night we met. In an isolated park, how can I forget? You came from the north, with a friend of mine. Dressed in black, you had a mellow vibe.

I was shy at first, reluctant and a bit quiet. But your intoxicating essence shook me like a riot. The high from our first kiss brought me down to my knees. Our lackadaisical coalescence made time freeze.

And at that moment everything had changed. You became my master and I became your slave. Happiness was for sale I realized, it was sold by the devil. In exchange for souls, during late night revels.

Despite this, I’d crush every time we’d meet. You were mine now, I could just roll you up in sheets. The sessions at seven lasted till five. And the trips would end with taxi rides.

Those fleeting moments of obsession slipped right through my fingers. Years passed by in seconds, the numbness still lingers. Coffee has gone cold, only the roaches are left over. You stole the baggage I swept under the rug for later.

Years of abuse have left me vacant and hollow. Now I am just somebody that I used to know. Someone who can touch, but who can’t feel. An actor, a caricature of a human being

Every day I unsheath a fresh canvas

Every day I pick up a clean slate.

But the only thing I remember, which I can’t seem to forget. Is the high from our first kiss on the night we met.


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