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School Sucked & if You Don’t Think So, You Suck

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Now before you vehemently disagree, hear me out for a minute. Sure, we were children and we didn’t know much of the cruel world outside, but they sure took it upon themselves to give us a taste. I don’t know how to do taxes; however, I can whiten my shoe in about fifteen seconds with a small piece of chalk and make my skirt seem longer than it is.

Honestly, I ought to sue whoever invented all girl//all boys schools, because they went about it all wrong. They thought it would instill discipline, modesty, and restriction in their children, but look at me, I’m the prime example of everything they don’t want their students to be. I’m queer, loud, and occasionally I brush shoulders with a boy.

There is no safe haven for a slightly weird, probably gay 14-year-old (I mean what did you expect from someone who hasn’t been allowed to look over a fence at the boys’ section?). I was quickly ostracized and ended up with one and a half friends (I say half because only one of her two faces really liked me) Over my time at school I had turned into a sour, bitter and rancid person, unfriendly, foul mouthed, and irritable.

For the longest time I felt detached from everything and everyone around me, but one day, in 11th grade I met literature (saved my life, and I’m not just referring to my board percentage). Enter; the internet, after which it was fanfiction after fanfiction, and all the validation I could possibly dream of. You’d be surprised by the number of people that suggested I read my own work (and the amount of people who had “Harry Styles Hand” fetishes).

The hallowed halls of junior college (aka plus two) seemed slightly less daunting with a group of misfits that met every week to do “socially useful productive work” like recite emo poetry and debate the taxation of sanitary products. (This is a thank you note for that group of friends I have.) Not to mention, Co-Ed really suited me, the environment seemed laxer, and less “don’t make eye contact with boys”.

I got to college, there was little to worry about, and many wonderful gays- I mean, days to look forward to. By the end of school I’d had my share of girlfriends, one boy thing (calling it a relationship would be insulting), and my sexuality had slowly morphed into my entire personality. I’d like to say I’ve grown out of it, but you and I both know I’d be lying. I’m a very different person today, and by that, I mean I don’t write fanfiction anymore.

I’d like to end this piece with a retort to a rather intrusive statement someone in authority made whilst addressing a batch of a hundred and seventy-five young women several years ago.

"Women should be seen not heard", but the only reason you heard me was because I was faking it.


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