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Written by Jai Karla

Bring me roses She said With a twist and a twirl And an angelic smile wide across her face Like no sorrow no pain that shall come Will make her lose faith In the intricate lies, she never overcame Bring me roses She said With a broken sigh and a deafening laugh While tears rolled down her blotched pretty face Like all she had lived for Had vanished away to her dismay And the only place left Where she could find any inklings of solace Are the withering torn petals of roses That reside under her scarlet nails Bring me roses She said With her final dying breath And the magnificent little soul she had left While I saw The life seep out of her face Well I finally brought her roses the next day While my daughter wept where her body lay And as everyone said godspeed old friend I whispered softly Near her face, With an angelic smile wide across my face “Darling don’t you worry, I’ll bring you roses someday.”


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