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Peeping Tom

Written by Shruthi

Look into my eyes and you’ll see

The inverted image of your journal

Don’t ask me who I am or how I got here

Secrets slipped carelessly

From your fingers and burst into

Prickly roses across my lap

The barely contained breathing and

Pure sublime exhilaration derived from

The delicious task of sifting through

Somebody else’s spilled ink, exposed soul

The only things left unsaid is your name

And what I should do in your absence

As I take in your sprawling handwriting

I’m a child again, on a summer afternoon

Sweaty, eagerly gulping water

Suddenly comparable to ambrosia

I hear voices calling for my return

To an unfinished game of hide and seek

Let us play a game of pretend

Where you emptied out for a stranger

The words you meant for no one else to see

I’ll lock up the things you ache for

And keep the key under my mattress

They’re for my prying eyes only

So, do me a favour

Please scream at me


At my lust for what is not mine

Maybe the parasite in me will recoil

In devastating shame

Until then I’ll be here

Shrouded in darkness

Only illuminated by your mirage

Filtering in through the keyhole

I’ll continue to pry my life away

Hoping to drown in yours.


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