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Nostalgic Rage

The water screams to be set free,

The wind contains it,

The perpetual dilemma of nature,

The fallen broken twigs

I see a leaf on my finger

Like a cobweb in the skins

I dive into this unilateral wonder

Of what dynamism this is

But come back to reality

Now, when I peep into what was,

I see how great it all was,

The beginning, the end, all of it,

Like a never-ending sand clock,

I see the lines,

Blurry and amused,

Astonished and confused,

Trying to forget but remember as well,

How and what it will never be today

I feel a sensation,

Like a flower blooming,

And then burning at the edges,

When the radiance of time awaits,

To go away, far away,

I wait and catch the drop of joy,

And the essence of a lie,

I wait for the truth,

For the proof, the humanity, and reciprocation,

I wait for the colours,

To blind me and take me with them

The time stops,

Tick tock,

And just like that, it's different,

The same moment,

But very much alike,

Like the snowflake in the hearth,

And the peace in the skies,

Raging at every step,

At every corner of this life,

Like the grace of the wind,

Seductive in ways, different ones,

Waiting to continue on that journey of the past

Over the abyss, I found what I wanted,

All in moonlight,

No faces, none to hide,

Running free in the shine,

Chased by demons, who wouldn't hold sight,

Running into each other and falling,

The demons catching up to us,

But we rise again,

Free to evade or fight

We'd be one,

Winning together,

Not divided apart by the climate or weather,

With skin and bones and blood of the cosmos,

We chase our dreams and do our part,

Making the world better, little by little,

Day by day,

Week by week,

And year by year,

We'll change the course of our past,

Blooming again as one,

Seeing a tomorrow, peaceful,

Tranquil and kind of heart,

As the moonlight shining on our faces,


Description: The poem is about how Earth once was but humans have damaged it to such an extent that the idea of a tranquil and healthy planet remains a utopic

desire because we can never undo the damage we’ve done, that’s what the rage is for. But in the end, I’m trying to end on a positive note, saying that even on what’s left of the Earth, let us let go of our biases and discrimination and work as a team to make our planet more hospitable, saying that we can change the course of our past and make history by overcoming all the negativity and blooming into a united world audience, watching the Earth develop into something better, something we never expected.



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