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Have you ever said something that has been taken in a ridiculously opposite

sense? Misconception is a part of daily life, within families, among friends. It breaks

bonds and builds fury. One leads to another and not long after it’s a raging forest

fire. There’s a certain dependence on perspective, tone, and how one takes it home.

A single misplaced word may cause irrevocable harm. Millions of incidents

mirror each other, connecting people oceans apart by absurd situations. The

comprehension of a sentence often goes awry, creating something bigger than itself.

A momentary lapse of judgement will someday see to the downfall of the human


Disobedience stems from misunderstanding. Sound advice turns into papa don’t

preach in a matter of seconds. You tend to convince yourself of the advantages of

rebellion, thus creating a mental dilemma. Cognitive dissonance is nothing but a

nomadic example of an internal misconception.

Society gives you autonomy or at least an illusion of the same. You tend to

dismiss the superficial nature of the decisions. What on the surface looks like

impending doom is simply concealing something precious. You hold the reins

between your fingers while you’re sitting in a motor car.

The preconceived, misinterpreted notion that civilization instills in your brain

from a young age leads to an inner dialogue. One your own cold hard logic, and one

the logic you’ve acquired over the years. They persuade you that their primary

priority is the maximization of your potential, when in fact they’re out for


Human errors have constantly been used to the advantage of humanity.

Misreading a situation, or tone usually works in their favour. Social media is a

prevalent pawn in this game of chain reaction. Unlike its name, it hardly ever aids

interaction, often merely adding fuel to a fire that is already fuming.

The social stigma attached to marijuana is a common example of the hype that is

media. Propagated in the manner it is, it has imparted a fear in the minds of every

generation. The villainous reputation it has obtained is unjustified. In truth it is

barely detrimental in the artistic and scientific working of the mind.

Although legalised in a few major countries, a majority of nations still consider it an antisocial element. In comparison to other drugs weed is considerably lower on the addiction and the overdose scale. A moment of silence for the mountain the public made out of a stash.

The sheer extremity of human nature reveals itself when you come face to face

with narcotics. The profuse denial, leading to the hesitant trial and ending with your

prints on file. Peer pressure is a façade, and individual responsibility should be

primary. You tend to adopt a que sera sera attitude instead of the age-old look

before you leap.

The main reason for drug abuse is the missing concept of capacity. The

misconception of the extent to which one can push themselves is usually a prime

suspect in this case. The damage it causes to your brain blurs the line between

health and habit. Social construct also defines individuals as cool, a word that leaves

people cold and broken.

We’ve been deceived by misinterpretations multiple times, but haven’t they gone

through the same misconceptions in the past? The same cycle repeats itself over and

over. The misunderstood has at least once been at the receiving end. At this point,

it’s simply the blind leading the blind.


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2 comentários

Sunil Maheshwari
Sunil Maheshwari
20 de set. de 2019

I liked the thought and particular articles


Sanskar Poddar
Sanskar Poddar
23 de ago. de 2019

I love how that went from a general misconception to marijuana. Well-written stuff.

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