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I Was Never There

Who Am I?

A slave to my lifestyle and addictions.

A prisoner trapped inside the four walls of comfort.

Gagged by my perpetual unsatiated needs.

Who Am I?

A fiend for your validation and acceptance.

An addict for your acknowledgment and approval.

Existing within the boundaries of society.

Bending over backwards to fit in.

Who am I?

An atheist who goes to heaven by snorting lines of Jesus.

Someone who’s searching for ecstasy in some pills.

Someone who’s searching for love

inside a stranger’s pants.

You might feel the warmth of my flesh while shaking hands.

Our lifestyles might help you relate.

But sorry to disappoint you, dear reader.

I am just an illusion in the end, almost like thin air.

An abstraction, someone who’s simply just not there.

-Not Your Nietzsche


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