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History of the Future: Grandma’s Tale

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Once upon a now,

In the land of 7 continents,

Seven with a billion each

The world and its tenants

The year was 2020

Dense with expectation

And hopes all the more plenty

Lay forgotten and ashen

Oh little boy, who's ready for storytime?

Let me tell you how,

An innocent seeming year

Stood first among the worst

Dug out the worst within the best.

In a city as little as you

Began an endemic

And none had a clue

Of a future of pandemic

It travelled the world

Spread like flu

For it was one

Just something new

Homes were closed

No visitors allowed

Open doored hospitals

Patients, yes

But no visitors allowed

A world afraid of breathing

While the world did finally breathe

The air reeked of purity

An achievement priceless

But breathe you dare not

For the price was death

And nothing less

The rivers shone brighter

As if from grief’s tears

Hearts grew stronger

As if from grief’s tears

The intimacy of company

A longing luxury,

As lovers turned strangers

On screen, come February

Oh it lasted a year and more,

But hope lasted longer

Eyes yearning for unmasked smiles

But made do with the screen awhile

Warring factions found ease

In peaceful protests

"I can't breathe"

And so couldn't we

The day was both

Black and white

For equality came with a price

And thousands could finally breathe

We entered with novice hearts

Into a pandemic unarmed

At war with ourselves

In the end all victorious

But many of us

To permanent rest

Time was an anomaly

Cheerful beginning

An overwhelming middle

And an unclear ending

Time was an anomaly

As we saw death in life

Yet we lived, dying inside

Oh my dear boy

Lose that frown

Because from our ashes we learnt

To paint the best of our own

And that's the story

Of a time within time

So far gone

Still afresh in mind

When peace embraced unrest

A virus aiming for our chest

And putting optimists to test

We embraced ourselves warm

Skin raw without another's touch

But heart learning depths of calm

Since time taught us much

Lessons too many

Time too long

Loss too often

But love was the song

And maybe that's how

We lived happily ever after

For happiness was

Life, hope and courage

And onwards we wage

The boy had slept,

His dreams akin

To romanticised history

While she, awake and reborn

Reliving the life of her story.

Written by Sneha Devraj


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