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Do We Know What We Know?

Who are you?

"You”, when I refer to anyone I know, I refer to the perception of that person that I have in my mind. My perception of that person is different than that of my friend’s. And my friend’s perception of “You” is different from “You’s” Girlfriend’s perception about him. Each person has a different perception of “You”. With me till here? Okay.

Now here is where the real fun begins. So, doesn’t this mean that a real “You” is non-existent? “You” is just a perception.

Oh wait! Then, isn’t everything on this planet, including this planet itself, a perception?

Nothing exists. But it also does at the same time. What is real? How do we know that we are really sensing what we feel we are sensing? This brings me to a more important question.

How do we know what we know? To answer this, let’s understand perception first. Perception is a process of interpretation of a present stimulus based on past experiences.t Well, then again that’s my perception of perception. From the very beginning of our journey in this world, we have been taught. We are taught how to walk, how to eat and most importantly, how to learn. We imbibe all this information and then form an opinion. Now this opinion is completely and purely our own. For example, when I say ‘flower’, you picture a flower which has a curved stem, just one leaf and five or six petals. But here is where my question comes in. How can you be so sure that what was taught to you is exactly what is being referred to at that very moment?

I question knowledge. No one can debate with me on this. Why? This is because, what they will use as an argument is their perception of knowledge and that’s exactly what the debate here is about. Enough of questioning the concept of perception. Feeling confused yet?

This is just the beginning, to say the least.

There is a lot more to this, but I’ll end with a very relatable example. After people do drugs/substances they are believed to be high, stoned, drunk, etc. People who do not are believed to be sober. Now sober people are PERCEIVED to be better aware of the instant world around them. What if, the moment you get high, drunk or stoned is the only time when you can perceive the real world and the rest of the time you are just perceiving a false image of this world. An image that is pre-installed in your mind from your very childhood. Think about it. The world is a very dark place (if it exists). And we are pretty stupid (if we exist). Signing off for now.

If I exist.



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