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Updated: Jul 16, 2020

“Ek, do, teen, char……. 13 tera karoon din din din intezaar aaja piya aayi bahar”

“ A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I………..Z  tum bhi kaho, I love you”

These are two songs where the movie industry has made attempts to teach numbers and alphabets.

“There is something about tonight, something very special…………disco deewane, aha, aha, aha”- seems like the song was written for 8th of November, 2016 (if you remember what happened that day)

“Swag se karenge Saba swagat---- sound of peepli----- ishq se behtar kuch nahi kuch nahi, ishq se sacha kuch nahi kuch nahi”- Irony is that the ones dancing on the song are Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif.

“Nachenge saari saari raat, taang uthake, Peeke talli hai saari raat tang uthake”- Well, this song was written by a frustrated writer who witnessed a stray dog pissing on the tyres of his vehicle.

“Balam pichkari tune mujhe maari, seedhi saadhi chori deewani hogai, cheez bhayankar jo tune mara thumka toh latu padosan ki bhabi ho gayi” – This was clearly an attempt to read the ancient writings of undeciphered language of Harappa and Mohenje Daro civilization.

“Ishq wala love, hua jo tumko, toh mujhko tumse zada hua” the first three words are exactly like “Vikaas wala Development” – I personally haven’t witnessed either of the cases. 

Well, we can go on and on. Because “sab pagal bana rahe hai hum ******** ke bache, bik gayi hai ye industry”.

This article is to majorly discuss and talk about music and lyrics. (In the Indian Context.)

So, the recent trend shows that the lyrical importance in Indian music is degrading. Not because we have bad writers, but because our music industry is largely controlled by the movie industry. All that one(producer, director, music composer) cares about these days is the hook (ex. “Ladki beautiful kar gayi chull”). These lines are ones that are simple to sing but may mean shit. 

This is not something new, it had started way back in the ’80s and ’90s.

Well, let’s try to understand how Indian music was born. Mostly India being a religious country, the initial form of music was about the recitation of bhajans in rhymes, like poems being sung without music.

Music and lyrics were initially considered two different things which were not intermingled. 

Even with non-lyrical music, like that used in Kathak, was also used to please gods, which was later used for pleasing kings, and then the customers at the brothels. Under the protection and funds of old kings, the music makers became a bit more artistic and went on to achieve excellence to a certain extent.

Later in Islamic rule poetry was weaved with music. Hence came in Ghazals’ and other forms of music. Where a bunch of elites (again the kings) would sit to talk about love and hypocrisy of the people through those Ghazals. Parallelly, grew the tribal and folk music with considerably cheap instruments like dholak and flute. Where they would sing the legends of the region. The activists sang songs on social injustice, etc. Mothers sang puzzles to their children.  

The ones playing music in the courts of kings were well off before the invasion of the British for the funds were never scarce. But the British invasion changed their fates thus the art of the elite stagnated. Where there were only a few musicians in the brothel business, now almost everyone was in it as it was the only place that could sustain them. But the folk music saw a revolution, their songs were now stronger and had more meaning. At certain places, these Folk artists and the Gharana’ musicians collaborated to perform great music in protest and for mutual help during the British rule. But most of the Gharanas remained arrogant and didn’t want to “pollute their art form”. But this didn’t stop the Folk artists, their lyrical songs became popular as they were very effective and left a lasting message.

Post-independence, the movies had amazing music with great lyrics. These movies used tabla, flute, etc. for music and the folk rustic lyrics. Within a few years, the folk lyricists were replaced with proclaimed poets and writers. 

Then the trend began to change, the movies were made not to reflect but rather for sheer entertainment. The very “escapist” movies came in the front and hence the decline. The producers at the time were more determined in doing their work than any of our governments, so with utter determination, they made movies with an ignorant attitude towards the world, politics, and life and they did the same with music, perfection is the key they say.

So due to the perfection then exercised, we are to perfectly suffer in parties, uber rides, weddings and where not. 

I know every coin has two sides. I just choose to look at the one I hate and make my life miserable, complaining about it.


Written by Umang


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