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A Reverie

Just one soul, residing in two bodies.

One confined, overdosed on hormones.

The other, a wandering reflection,

attempting to fulfill life’s milestones.

It’s a hazy mirror, a magic portal,

that lets me emerge in a different dimension.

One where I might miss a finger or two,

but I’ll only realize if I pay close attention.

Immersed in the depths of my darkest desires,

I take in sharp breaths of acute awareness.

A quickening heartbeat, an intoxicated psyche;

beckoning me to a world only I can access.

An intricate world and I am the sole artisan,

painting it’s visions with an assortment of hues.

The sky is golden and the land, a lovely crimson.

I can just about do anything that my mind construes.

Soar through the clouds like an eminent albatross

and savour the ecstasy of boundless flight.

Dive into the fathomless expanse of the ocean,

‘Oh, what a wondrous sight!’

Get a tearful glimpse of those loved ones, no more,

whose absence caused me so much strife.

Lend an ear to the hushed whispers of ancestors,

their pearls of wisdom about living life.

Run to the ends of the earth till my heart’s content,

indulge in all locales, surreal and intrigiung.

Revel in the freedom of creativity and enigma,

experience all sensations, one of everything.

Be daring enough to stand on the brink of the ledge

and stare down at the never-ending abyss.

A burning compulsion to jump engulfs me,

I spread my wings that take me afar

succumbing to impulse without a second amiss.

I plummet down the heights in exhilaration,

an overwhelming rush coursing through my vein.

And just like that my enchantment collapses,

much to my mind’s disdain.

I am met with the cold impact of a familiar floor,

accompanied by the shock of reality.

A gasp and a cry, I open my eyes.

I’m back to the world of fatality.


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