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"The rose is red, the violet's blue,

The honey's sweet, and so are you.

Thou art my love and I am thine;

I drew thee to my Valentine:

The lot was cast and then I drew,

And Fortune said it shou'd be you."

A poem dating back to 1784 in Gammer Gurton's Garland

"5 romantic places in India to celebrate Valentine's Day;

5 beauty products that will make your special one smile this Valentine's Day.

Luxurious spas to book this Valentine's Day,

Starbucks reveals three new Valentine's menu items, including Berry Hot Chocolate.

Valentine's Day 2022: Win Hearts With These Omega Constellation Watches."

A poem dating to 2022 from Google's top articles

Living in the 21st century, everyone has an opinion about Valentine's Day; various groups view it vividly. Some partners wait all year round for it, some absolutely hate the idea of expressing love only on one day of the year, some fear the onset of this day, and then some spend this day with the wrong person buckling under the pressure of having a partner. Then again, there are those without a partner who either despise the day due to envy, don't care, or some spend the day hopelessly drowning in sorrow while wishing for 'the one'. However, most of these groups would agree that Valentines has become increasingly commercialized, some people just choose to ignore it and some don’t.

How did Valentine's Day become Walletine's day? Valentines has become one of the most commercialized festivities globally, roughly over the last century. Skipping over the love and affection part of the day, it has become the Hunger Games of gifting.

The 'Mother of Valentine' (intelligent lady, go look her up) was one of the reasons for the beginning of this commercialization through her effort of mass-producing greeting cards for this romantic day. The day has been raking in money, roses, chocolates, cards, and unrealistic promises ever since.

“What? How could she get you a meagre bouquet of 2000 one-of-a-kind flowers?”

“I know right. It absolutely broke my heart bro.”

“I honestly don’t know what to buy her this Valentines.”

“She bought you a painting worth 5000 bucks dude, you have to top that. What can you buy for 7000 bucks?”

“Let me do a quick Google search. Armani has a drop coming soon man, she’d love it.”

Companies have mastered the art of exploiting consumers over the years in the name of love. Consumers have mastered the art of buying over the years in the name of … what? Love, yes. There is nothing that will stop the tide of marketing that goes around Valentines, the true challenge isn’t buying the most expensive gift out there for your partner but resisting the temptation of basing your relationship’s legitimacy on one single day. So maybe this Valentines take a long hard look in the mirror and gather your wits about being the woke global citizen that you are. By all means, celebrate the day, but don’t fuss about it as the only day to show love to your partner, or a day for romantic partners only, or a day to save up for every year, or a day to eat popcorn and cry while watching The Notebook, just don’t.

This Valentine’s Day, go write a bad review for Amazon and drink Tang.


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